Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Week 17

Week 17 officially began Tuesday but who's counting. Certainly not me. Yeah, right. Life is going well. I'm still pretty tired but I'm feeling good most of the time. My cravings have also changed. I'm still eating a lot of cottage cheese, but lately I've been craving carbs more than anything. It's been hard to turn my brain off and remember that carbs are good, even though I'm not running, but, I'm enjoying them. Especially tater tots! yes, that's right. I've been eating tater tots again. I honestly don't think I'd eaten a tater tot since middle school until a few weeks ago when I spotted them in Central Market. Mark put some seasonings on them and oh, my goodness, tater nirvana. I've also been craving celery. Not sure what could be in them that's good for me, but I've been eating a bunch nevertheless. The baby is about 12 cm now. Still very small, but the little squid is getting bigger by the day. Mark can feel the munchkin, but I've yet to feel the kiddo either move or stay still. Very frustrating. I told Mark the other day that I think my pregnancy a conspiracy between him and all my doctors. I'm not really pregnant. They just told me that so that I'd gain weight. I haven't gained much yet, probably about 10 lbs. I haven't weighed myself lately but I'm starting to show so I know that I have to have gained at least a little. More next week.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Week 15

We've made it to Week 15. Actually, we're at 15 weeks and two days. The big news is that we had our first sonogram last week. What an amazing experience. My mom came up, so Mark, mom and I got to see our little person for the first time. He/she/it is a little more than 10 cm right now but the toes and fingers have formed. We saw it all on the sonogram. His/her heartbeat is also very strong. I was worried at first, but the doctor said that 150 beats/minute is perfectly normal. Whew! It was about 130 at first, but I think the little one wanted to show off for his parents and grandma. It's got to be a boy. j/k. We don't know whether it's a he or a she and at this point, we don't want to know. If anyone has a suggestion of what I can call the little one, please let me know. I have been calling the little one "My little squid."

Love you all

p.s. we decided against posting sonogram pictures and a bunch of detailed information because WAAAY to many things can be manipulated on the Web. I really don't want to become the next internet porn star...Needless to say, I'm actually beginning to show now!