Thursday, July 09, 2009

How do you update a blog that you've been meaning to update for close to 6 weeks but haven't had time? You just start. So, here goes.

Much has been happening to our growing family since the last post, chiefly that both Savena and the baby have gotten bigger and we've all gotten older. Just kidding.

Savena did have her first dentist appointment. That was fun! Just kidding again. Mark will be taking her to the next appt. The dentist was nice and courteous, but wasn't who we wanted to see - evidently the staff didn't understand that we were going there to see one particular dentist - and only her. The whole reason we went to this place was to see a new pediatric dentist who Mark has been seeing as a patient since she was a teenager. We wanted to support her, but then didn't even get to see her. Savena got a pink balloon and a toothbrush, but I'm going to try to avoid dental offices with McDonald's style play yards on Saturday mornings. It was a bit much.

Savena also celebrated her second birthday on June 26! We had her party at Heights Park just down the street from our house and as luck would have it - it was one of the hottest days of the year. I think it actually topped out around 103 degrees right in the middle of the party. A friend said it sounded like the perfect Jeff Foxworthy joke - you know you live in Texas if the birthday cake icing melts! Yes, the icing melted - but Savena didn't mind. She wolfed down more cake than anyone else - and still had room for dinner about 2 hours later. (I have to credit Tom Thumb here. The one at Coit and Campbell makes the absolute best cakes! Be sure to check them out if you live in Texas.) I swear that she must have a tapeworm: our girl can eat...and eat...and eat some more. So, it was hot - but fun. A bunch of her friends came, as did Mudge, Grandma Beth, Aunt Amy and Uncle Will.

What else is there to say?
I've decided that being pregnant in July is no fun. Should have planned this better, but too late now. Please don't remind me about August. I plan to spend the entire month in the pool. If only, right!?! I had my first sonogram about 3 weeks ago now and our great Dr. D said that everything looks great. It's too early to tell the sex (yes, we're going to find out this time) but the baby is very, very, very active. Dr. D actually had a hard time getting all the measurements because he/she was practically doing backflips. Mark thought it was awesome, but we're both a little worried about what's to come. You know the saying "If we'd had the second one first, we never would have had more?" Well, that may hold true....we'll just have to see. We're still more excited than anything. Savena doesn't really understand, yet, but we're trying to get the message across. She already points to my belly and says "baby." She points to Mark's and her own belly and says the same thing, but it's a start.

Back to the baby: The due date is still Dec. 21, but evidently we have neighbors taking bets that I won't last that long. I'm definitely getting bigger faster this time around, but I haven't gained much weight. And we're not having twins - we made Dr. D double-check that fact.

Ooops, I've rambled on too long and must get back to work. Lunch break's over. More to come...sooner this time.