Friday, June 05, 2009

News about the Three Bears

Mark and I are expecting another baby! Yes, I'm pregnant. I'm 12 weeks along, so we're wrapping up the first trimester. Besides feeling physicaly exhausted, things are going really well. We had our first doctor visit a few weeks ago and Dr. Dinh said the baby is due on Dec. 21, 2009 (my grandpa's birthday!!). The due date could change, but that's the current expected arrival. We don't yet know the sex, but many of you will be glad to know that we are leaning toward finding out this time. I have my first sonogram on June 16, so we may actually be able to find out then. We'll just have to see. Savena was turned in such a way that they really couldn't tell at that first sonogram, but maybe this one will be different. Who knows, right? It's a completely new adventure but one that we're thrilled about.
Love to all.