Friday, August 28, 2009

It's a boy, it's a's a MONKEY!!!!

Just kidding. No monkeys here! We're calling the baby "the monkey" a la "the squid", but we did actually find out what we're having this time. Drumroll's a GIRL! I think Mark put it best when he saw the sonogram - "Yup. Nothing (hanging) there. Must be a girl." Mark was hoping for a little boy, but it deliriuosly excited about adding a third girl to the world. Just think - by the end of the year we'll have the Big Princess (Devin), the Little Princess/Squid (Savena) and a Duchess (Name still in progress). You must have been born before 12/25/78 to be a Queen, so I'm still the only Queen in the house. Woo hoo!!

The due date is the same: Dec. 21. Dr. D is happy with the baby's growth, heart rate, etc. I'm exhausted much of the time, but am eating well and re-learning how to sleep with my growing belly. It's at times like this that I wish sleeping on my stomach wasn't my preferred position. Oh, well. It's only for another 17 weeks - maybe less, if "the monkey" comes early. Her big sister did, so we're hoping that she'll decide to make her entrance at least a few days early to avoid some of the pre-holiday madness.

Life is pretty hectic right now. Ginger moved to Houston, so Mark's in the midst of training a new employee. She's very nice, but change is hard, particularly when you've been working with someone for close to 10 years. I just started grad school again. I'm only taking one class this semester, but between work, raising a two-year-old, "growing" another child and everything else - I feel that I'm in for a really long semester. The best part is that my (work) office was recently moved to new digs across campus and there's black stuff falling from the air vents!! Fun times. It's not that surprising given the building's age, but it's still enough to make a pregnant girl worry. Facilities is supposedly on it, so hopefully it'll be cleared up soon.

Then there's the swine flu pandemic swirling around. I know that pregnant women are supposed to be first in line for the vaccine, but I'm very conflicted about getting it. Nobody has any clue how it'll impact the fetus, yet they're encouraging us to get one. I need to keep gathering info/recs from the infectious disease specialists I work with and my own personal physicians. I'm leaning toward not getting one, but will probably change my mind a dozen times in the next few days alone. The good thing is that I still have some time. It's not like they're going to have a vaccine until mid-October.

As you can probably imagine, every day is a new adventure with Savena. Her vocabulary is expanding and she loves everything - particularly if it involves being outdoors. Here's a sampling of her new words:

More peas. (More please)
Mark (she occasionally calls her daddy this, much to his disdain.)

That's all for now. :-)