Friday, June 22, 2007

Week 38 -- It's Almost Time.

Sorry I haven't posted awhile. You know the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?" Well, I've been trying to practice that one.

It's not that I have anything mean to say but it has been rough lately to say the least. I've worked at least 9.5 hours every day this week, I can't get my feet into anything by the end of the day but flipflops (the city council members must love it when I walk in wearing bright yellow ones), and sleep has been pretty sporadic.

Add to that the constant questions. They usually go something like this: You're still around? When are you going to have that baby? I thought I wouldn't see you again until the fall?

The other variety goes something like this: "I can't believe you're nine months pregnant. You look like you're 5 or 6." (If only I felt that way, I usually tell them.)

At the OB office on Thursday, the staffer handling check-out tried to charge me $40 for the visit. When I said, "I owe you something?" (OB patients pay everything upfront) she replied, "Oh, are you an OB patient?" Guess I should have remained standing.

In other news, the squid's expected arrival date hasn't changed. Doc says I'm still on target for July 1. The hubbie and I plan to find the bumpiest roads in town if it gets to be around July 3-4.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Week 36 --- No Baby Yet

We're getting closer!

Mark and I went in for my 36-week appointment today and everything still looks good. The doc seemed a little concerned about my swelling but said that since my blood pressure is in great shape and there's not any excess sugar in my system, there's not much to worry about. He (we saw a new doc today because Dr. Dinh is honeymooning in Jamaica) just encouraged me to drink lots of water and keep my feet up as much as possible.

I haven't started dilating at all, but the squid's still facing the right direction. The doc said the baby could come anytime starting around June 23 and will likely be 6-7 lbs. What a a relief!

The squid's heartbeat is still going strong: 139 beats per minute.

And my blood pressure is finally beginning to get closer to normal. I think it was 102 over 60 today. It's still up for me, but better than it has been.

Besides feeling like a marshmallow, everything else is going well. A photog I know is going to take some pics of us next week and the baby's room is about done. We planned to finish everything up last weekend--but we lost the rest of the Red Oak in our backyard early Sunday morning. Half fell on the house, the other half on our electric and phone lines. Needless to say, we had a VERY long day. It's not entirely cleaned up yet, but we're getting there slowly but surely.

That's all for now. We're going to be going in for weekly doctors visits now, so stay tuned for more info. (Mark and I have been filming the squid moving around at night, so we might have some interesting photos to post in the near future)


Friday, June 01, 2007

Week 35: Part Deux

The Squid is positively brilliant!

He/she is hands down, brilliant. Not only has the squid turned upside down, he/she is also facing the correct direction. For those of you unfamiliar with birthing dynamics, that means that the baby's head is facing down and the face is facing towards my back!
(Apparently doctors don't like to deliver babies feet first and it's harder on the mom when the kid is facing upwards---I learned that in our preparation for childbirth class. Yeah!)

We got a picture of the squid's head, but unlike the others you can't see anything because of the direction he/she's turned. It's kind of weird, actually. Heartbeat was 130.

Nothing else to report from the doctors' appointment. There wasn't a single doctor in the office so I didn't get to run down my myriad of questions. Next week, I guess.

The BIG news of the day is that today is our third wedding anniversary!

Getting close to having a little one!