Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The squid's budding vocabulary

Sorry I've been so negligent in updating this blog. It seems like everyday I have something I want to post about, but either have to compile a cognizant blog entry over on RaceTrackHollow for class or am chasing Savena around the house while trying to read Marx! Ugh. Ok, so that was just Sunday evening.

Savena's vocabulary is, not surprisingly, growing every day. She has yet to say her own name, preferring to call herself "me" rather than Savena. I'm just "mommy," but Mark is either "daddy" or "Mark Shear." Not sure where she picked that up, but it's pretty cute. Devin is "sissy" and Ms. Jeane, her sitter, is Nini.. or is it Neenee. Not sure, but the J never comes out.

Her other fave words/phrases include:
BABAR* (her favorite show. Of course, it's also one of the few she has seen)
More peas (more please.)
Dutty (Dusty, one of our dogs)
Go person, go! (usually when we're stuck in traffic)
Huh. (This one drives me crazy, but at least she hasn't started saying "Do what?" yet. She may be put up for adoption if that starts. :-) J/K )
Acorn, leef (leaf)
Duck, dog, skirl (squirrel), cowww (cow)
Dora (has seen the show once, but she has a Dora doll)
My baby.
Belly, elbow, leg, knee, feet, eye, noz (nose), ear, mouth
sky, rain
plane (she adores planes - takes after her mamma!)
No, peas. (When you ask her to do something, she says this instead of 'no, thank you' if she doesn't want to have anything to do with it.)

In other news, the monkey's growing every day. We're definitely going to have a very active little one on our hands when she makes her arrival in 8-9 weeks. Part of me can't believe it's almost time, but then my brain kicks in and reminds me that there's a reason I haven't had a margarita since March. Due date is still 12/21, but Mark's taking bets that the baby comes in early December. We'll see.