Wednesday, November 03, 2010

One tired mamma

I've come up with a new word to describe feeling tired: parent. It's probably not very original. Just about every parent I know feels the same way. We're like walking zombies when our kids aren't around and only somewhat cognizant when they are around so we can somehow prevent them from running in front of a car, touching a hot stove, choking on a stale brownie. Those that aren't tired are just afraid to admit that their kids wear them out. I know mine do. It's in a good way, but mothering a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old is challenging in so many ways.

Take this as an example of a typical conversation with the Squid.
Squid; I'm hungry. I want a snack, mommy. (while opening the fridge)(Oh, and she's whining)
Me: Close the fridge, you're letting all the cold air out. What would you like? (Mistake #1. Never ask what they want - always offer 2-3 choices.)
Squid: Opening the fridge for a second time. I want an egg.
Me: Close the fridge. You can't have an egg. They haven't been cooked and mommy doesn't have time to cook one. How about a banana?
Squid: I don't want a nanna. I want an egg. Opens the fridge AGAIN and pulls an egg out of the container.
Me: Give me the egg and close the fridge. You can't have an egg. You can have a banana.
Squid; I don't want a nanna. (in whiny voice)
Me: If you want a snack, you're going to have a banana or a piece of cheese.
Squid: I want strawberries.
Me: We don't have any strawberries. (AHHHH. Ready to pull hair out). You can have a banana, a piece of cheese or nothing. Take your pick.
Squid: Can I have a nanna?
Me: Fine. That's all your getting until Dad gets home, though.

Keep in mind that this entire conversation took place while the Monkey sat on the kitchen floor, rather impatiently waiting for her own portion of whatever her big sister scored. And that's only one of at least half a dozen similar conversations that took place that day alone. With that in mind, hats off to parents - particularly those of multiples! I don't see how you handle more than one talking toddler at the same time. :-)

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