Monday, January 17, 2011

Grad School: Final Project

Since August 2006, I've been working toward a Master of Arts degree in Emerging Media and Communications (EMAC) at the University of Texas at Dallas. My coursework is completed, but in order to graduate, I must complete one more assignment: a capstone project.

I'm interested in Girl Scout retention so I'm going to produce a series of videos (6-8) featuring real women talking about their experiences as older Girl Scouts. Ideally, I'll feature four HS students or recent HS graduates who completed their Gold Award and 4 adults. Adults don’t have to have completed their Gold Award, but it would be GREAT if they had. The videos will all be about 2 minutes long, so I'm not looking for a major time commitment from anyone.

What sort of commitment would this require?
HS students/recent graduates
  • 1-2 short Q&A style interviews
  • Me shooting video of you working on your Gold Award project and interacting with other Scouts
  • Subject-shot footage (still shots) of you participating in Girl Scout activities
  • 1-2 short Q&A style interviews
  • Me shooting video of you interacting with older Girl Scouts (B-roll)
  • Subject-shot footage (still shots) of you as a Girl Scout 
What do you get out of all this?
  • After editing, I will offer all footage to you for your usage. 
  • If you're interested, I will teach you how to shoot and edit video.
  • I’m also willing to come talk to your troops and about emerging media/ public relations/journalism and/or edit college applications, etc.
Let me know if you are interested, and feel free to share this link with anyone you think might be interested in helping!


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