Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Big Reveal

I'll admit it. I've been avoiding the blog. Despite the fact that I made a New Year's resolution to blog something at least once or was it twice a week, I've been avoiding it like the plague. 


Because I was afraid I'd be too tempted to spill the beans that I'd just do it. And once something is online, it's ONline forever, and ever, and ever. And you can't take it back. It's just out there. Like a baby....

Which brings me to the big reveal: If you haven't seen my Facebook banner since Sunday, we're having a baby! The Shear Clan will be adding a new two-legged one to our mix later this year. 

The due date was originally October 5, but turns out that the Jester and myself had committed ourselves to the full 40 weeks a little earlier than thought. We had our first sonogram today, and the new due date is September 21!

What that means is that there's a possibility that the munchkin will share a birthday with his or her dad, grandpa, or a myriad of other relatives that claim September as their birth month. The Squid and the Monkey both arrived exactly one week early, though, so I'm not holding my breath for a 9/21 date. I'm thinking more like 9/15. Either way, we're bringing another Virgo into the world!

For those who have been asking or having nightmares (the Jester included)... yes, it's just one. We checked. It's too early to tell the gender, but not the number of munchkins holed up in my tummy.

Up next: The nickname debate. 

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