Sunday, January 06, 2013

A weekend for mommy

You know you're a mom when your kids and husband are gone for the weekend and you clean house. Our home will be a Superfund Disaster site within 10 minutes of them arriving home, but it's clean now!!

Don't worry - I didn't spend the entire weekend cleaning. (It's really amazing how much one person can get done when you're not redoing everything every five minutes.)

I actually slept in both days, caught up on some Girl Scout training, read, meandered through several bookstores for as long as I WANTED, went hiking at the Heard Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary in McKinney, read, ate, slept, and saw the Hobbit with my best friend, Joseph Singleton. He's only here until Tuesday, then back to Antarctica for another 8-12 months, so it was nice to hangout. He blogs at Joseph on Ice (also a Blogger site), if you want to see some AMAZING photos.

The only seriously crazy thing that happened was that I had to drive the big diesel truck, so I think I might have caused a few heart attacks on Central. Nothing was reported in this morning's paper, but I still need to check tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed! It's hard for me to keep that thing between the white lines. Parking isn't fun, either. :-)

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