Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chickens shut down part of I-30

OK, this has absolutely nothing to do with being pregnant...except for the fact that it brightened an otherwise blah day. Not the dead chicken part, the wandering ones. Even I feel bad for dead chickens.

04:19 PM CST on Tuesday, December 26, 2006
By HOLLY YAN / The Dallas Morning News

Dead and wandering chickens closed all of westbound Interstate 30 just before First Avenue on Tuesday afternoon.

A tractor-trailer hauling chickens and crates overturned about noon, Dallas police Senior Cpl. Jamie Matthews said. Some chickens died from the wreck, while others wandered about.

Cpl. Matthews estimated about 2 p.m. that the mess could be cleaned up before the late-afternoon rush hour.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was not seriously injured. No other vehicles were involved, and investigators were trying to determine how the truck overturned.

Police did not know why the chickens crossed the interstate.

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On to the pregnancy update:
If the above-mentioned story brightened my day, I'm sure many of you can imagine what kind of day I've had. On a scale of 1 to 10, it gets about a 4. It could be worse, but I just don't feel good. My head and nose are stuffy, my throat hurts, my tummy has been relatively unhappy all day--even after I ate a cup of cottage cheese at breakfast. It might have been the lemon yogurt at lunch. Yuck. Doesn't sound so good anymore. I'd like to go home, but I have to work today, Wed and Thursday. Evidently, I have Friday off. I had forgotten about that. So, my vacation is a day longer. Yeah!!!

Besides that, my face is broken out like a pepperoni pizza. My upper back isn't much better. I've never had any sort of skin problems so this is very frustrating and upsetting to me. I know it's for a good cause---after all, I am going to have a baby, but it's still upsetting. Mark says I'm beautiful, but he's biased.

Any ideas? Any tried and true remedies to keep my skin from breaking out?

Love you all
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