Friday, March 16, 2007

Week 24

Ok, so this no sleep trend is beginning to wear on me. I can imagine that it'll only get worse, but I really hope not. Please don't tell me if it does get worse. I'm likely to cry. As exciting as it is to feel the squid kick, that's the reason why I'm so tired today. The squid kept me up until almost midnight last night just swailing away. I'd gotten used to the 3 a.m. yoga workout, but this was waay beyond a yoga workout. It was more like batting practice. I thought I was going to cry I was so tired, but then Mark asked if I'd had any chocolate. No, I said. So, off I trotted--or plodded, as I've taken to doing--to get a handful of M&M's. Lo and behold, it worked. The munchkin swailed around for a bit longer but finally settled down and let me go to sleep...until about 6 a.m. when my bladder was kicked! Oh, the joys of pre-motherhood! Such love.

Mark and I are off to Houston this afternoon to see family and pick up a truckload of baby furniture from David & Sandy. Since they've decided not to add to their brood, they were gracious enough to offer us most of their baby furniture. We're so very thankful. Maybe I'll sleep in the truck?!?

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