Thursday, March 22, 2007

Week 25: Part I

This is the note I sent my graduate professor Wednesday afternoon....

"You remember those days before your newborn arrived when your lovely wife just didn’t feel good? She might not have been puking, but she didn’t feel like doing much of anything. Well, I’m having one of those days. I’m at work, but thinking about going home. Would you be terribly offended if I skipped class and stayed home this afternoon?"

The short version of the story is he told me to stay I did. I went home at 4 p.m. instead of going to class, took a nap for 2 hours and felt so much better. Dusty and I went for a little walk once I was conscious again. And I spent the rest of the evening vegetating in front of the TV while Mark went and played his first softball game of the year. (The UUniacs lost--evidently, they were playing a really good "C" league team. The UUniacs are C/D league)

Today, however, I'm feeling much better. I got up and took Binx for a walk. He could have been better, but he was great by the end of the walk. The floor guy should be at our house right now putting the final coat of stuff on so that we'll be all done. Mark and i are hoping to install the baseboards and wainscoting this weekend, so we can finally move the furniture back into the house.


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Jamie said...

Glad to hear your floor is almost done! We'll have to come see the new look sometime soon.
I remember with my first pregnancy, there were times I had to take a nap, even if that meant reclining in my car. I'm sure it'll be like that for me again soon.