Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Week 30: Part I

It's official: I have hobbit feet.
No, they're not covered in hair. I just have absolutely no ankles. My cute, feminine ankles are completely gone.

It probably doesn't help that I have poison ivy (don't ask) but it's pretty sad just the same. I know. I know. This too shall pass. I'm just hoping that it passes sooner than later..say mid to late June instead of early July.

In good news, my skin is looking much better most of the time. I still problems here and there, but the breakouts aren't nearly as bad as they were a couple weeks ago. Mark and I figure that the squid must have reached a new stage of development.

Anyway, life continues. We made it to Corpus Christi last weekend and had a nice, but too short visit, with my mom. And the lake house is still standing (we spent Friday night in Austin to mow the lawn and make sure the place hadn't caught fire).

A good friend from work is hosting a baby shower for me on May 5 that my mom's coming up for. And another friend is hosting a co-ed shower for Mark and I on May 19. We aren't looking for or expecting gifts, but since many friends and family members have asked, we're registered at Babies 'R' Us and Target. Enter our last name to get the details.

More info later this week after our 30-week doctors' appt.


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