Friday, May 11, 2007

Week 32: Part Deux

We had our first baby shower last Saturday. It was such a blast! Wendy, Kristine and Karin threw it for us and Kristen's work colleagues. Kristen's mom was able to come up for the shower, so her friends were able to meet her mom and vice versa. Those girls certainly know how to make a girl feel special! And they also know how to throw a great party! The food was outstanding, the games were hilarious and the gifts were beyond fabulous! Kristen is going to probably ask Karin to bake a cake for our "sip 'n' see" after the squid arrives. The cake she made for the shower was simply to die for...and that's saying a lot when it comes from a chocaholic. We'll post some pics from the shower as soon as Kristine sends them along.

In other news, we also had our first childbirth preparation class Sunday afternoon. All I can say, is OH, MY GOD. I'm seriously considering keeping the squid inside and not going through this whole labor thing. I know. I know. Women have been doing it for thousands of years and I'll do great, but that doesn't mean I'm not terrified of the thought. After seeing how they give women an epidural, I'm not too keen on that, either, so I may be in for a long, painful day or two.

I'm really glad the nurse waited until the end of the class to show the two videos (one of a computer-simulated c-section. The other of a natural delivey)... I don't think I would have learned anything else if they'd been at the beginning. I really wish somebody would say that it's ok to be scared, or petrified in my case.

Ok, I'm being a drama queen. But given that I'd never actually seen a natural delivery, I think I handled myself pretty well. I didn't leave the room. And my lips didn't turn white until after we left class. Hey, at least I stayed. One couple left beforehand.

Yesterday's doctors appointment was great. The doc says the baby and Kristen are both very healthy and growing at the appropriate rate. Kris isn't too big or too small and neither is the baby. Ultrasound in two weeks to check on the squid's position.

More later.

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