Friday, June 01, 2007

Week 35: Part Deux

The Squid is positively brilliant!

He/she is hands down, brilliant. Not only has the squid turned upside down, he/she is also facing the correct direction. For those of you unfamiliar with birthing dynamics, that means that the baby's head is facing down and the face is facing towards my back!
(Apparently doctors don't like to deliver babies feet first and it's harder on the mom when the kid is facing upwards---I learned that in our preparation for childbirth class. Yeah!)

We got a picture of the squid's head, but unlike the others you can't see anything because of the direction he/she's turned. It's kind of weird, actually. Heartbeat was 130.

Nothing else to report from the doctors' appointment. There wasn't a single doctor in the office so I didn't get to run down my myriad of questions. Next week, I guess.

The BIG news of the day is that today is our third wedding anniversary!

Getting close to having a little one!

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